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Life without creativity becomes a chore for the creative spiritual being who thrives in expression. Creation reminds me of whom I am, offering me the opportunity to reveal the art that simmers within. As the center of my creation, I am the primary audience; yet, I listen energetically to the echo of my sound reverberating from those who embrace my mood. Thus my creation flows in a circular fashion through the universe, my audience and myself. At its best one loses the distinction between creator and listener.

As I compose melodic phrases resting upon the suggestions of the rhythmic mood, I feel the vibration fill space. The ether supports all potential manifestations and carries my sound to ears, minds and hearts. When my music appears in the ether, it assumes an independent life of its own. It has taken birth, grown wings and flown away forever imprinted in the akasha. When the listener consciously or subconsciously allows this musical form to enter within their consciousness, it creates a reciprocating resonance. As all living beings share the capacity to create empathetic vibrations when they are musically inspired, they initiate a sensual response that fills the atmosphere around them. This in turn influences the ambience of the environment.

I listen carefully to this echo, however faint it may be. Sometimes it is not there and I feel as if I have failed my listeners and thus myself. When I cannot perceive a reaction (or even worse, when it is a negative reaction) I feel devastated, as the ecstasy of the creative experience is not to be mine at least not on this occasion. When I hear, even slightly, an echo singing in harmony with my melody I rejoice, now inspired to express tones that move my passionate soul. The listeners actively participate in the creative process and the consequent applause belongs to all who have shared the creative experience.

This echo, however powerful it may be, does not define me; it can only expand what I am and encourage my creation, as I cannot create what I am not. Although I could play music that does not represent what I am, it would not transmit my essence; neither would its creation reciprocatingly resonate with the dynamically changing energy of an appreciative audience. Despite the influence of all that is around me, I must be true to myself, focused on expressing what I am musically. I play what I feel and paint the tones I see as I express my inner moods and sensual being.

Naturally, I do not exist in a vacuum. Music is to be enjoyed with others, as it is the common language that links all cultures and people. Spiritual beings intensely connecting through a musical art share the beat and tonality as if with one ear, one heart, and one mind. While so connected, we feel there is only one of us within the universal matrix of love.

My art is not limited to the musical realm. My first love is to create living spaces defined by beautiful form and practical functionality. Art meets architecture in the planning of cities, towns, or villages. Buildings, monuments, roads, parks, gardens, walkways and resting areas are sculptured out of space and painted on the surface of an earth made abundant when human design resonates with the flow of nature. Music at its best is a cooperative effort between sensitive performers who carefully listen to each other in the context of the sensual energy of those for whom they play. Similarly, manԳ creation of living space must compatibly resonate with the already existing symphony of nature. When we conflict with the nature of our planet or our own physical energy, we create a powerful dissonance that rips the energetic fibers that hold us together. Therefore my first and foremost art is a love of discovering the synergy of form as it is painted on the surface of this world.

My music is a creation of desire and not a labor. As I am about to passionately paint on the supportive canvas of potential sound, I appreciate the initial silence within non-intimidating ether. This silence lounges seductively like a lover waiting to be pleased, and into this expectant serenity I suggest a fragrance of color dabbed on an appropriate segment of musical time. I allow the next logical tone to appear as a feeling of pastel brushed into pleasing intervals that expand outwards to the empathetic ear. Upon hearing that echo of sympathetic resonance, self-criticism relaxes and caution is relieved of its duty to protect me from dreaded rejection. My confidence slowly increases as I observe creative energy mysteriously assemble my attempt into a finalized expression.

Thus I paint the colorful mood of my heart, the song of my mind and the playful vibration of my energy. When the result is successful, my hunger to be understood is satiated.

Please hear in this mood and share with me.

Robert Campagnola