All of the songs in this site are copyrighted in various years by Robert Campagnola. None of the songs are Public Domain and may not be reproduced in any form without my written consent. A short description of the songs can be found under the playlist!

  • Seven's Sixes (7:01)
  • Pizzanjo Blue (5:01)
  • Slinky (4:01)
  • Cintamani (8:13)
  • Indian Congo (3:50)
  • Fatman(2:18)
  • Nrisingha Flow (8:18)
  • The Future Belongs to Me (5:50)
  • Manasa deha Geha (7:20)
  • Salorius (1:20)
  • Scorpio (11:32)
  • Wind Child (5:01)
  • Aeteria (10:44)
  • New year's Jam 2007 (24:58)
  • Flow 4 (11:31)
  • Christmas Jam 2005 -- No Bricks (13:47)
About the songs in this player
I thought it would be nice for the listeners if I said a little about each track. I have listed the songs in alphabetical order.

Aeteria (September 14, 2008) Before I speak before an audience, I like to set the mood with some keyboard meditation. I close my eyes and listen to the sounds that appear at the end of my fingers. If I am lucky a melody will manifest that captures my attention. This track is special as it is the first one that Mamed has added orchestration to and actually it should appear in our Siva Hari website. But as he is making more tracks like this, there will be enough to go around!

Chintamani (1979) This track was recorded in a studio in Solna, Sweden, for the album "Setting the Scene" I did with the group "Rasa." Although I had sung the song before and also had played it on the piano, specifically recording it in another style on the first Rasa album, "Oasis," this version was something I created on the spot and it was recorded in one take. Ah, to listen to my 31 year old voice again! Where has it gone?

Fatman (September, 2003) We lived in a marvelous ecological community in Oxie, Sweden, for some years. We built out the attic and I had a small studio there. This was the first song I recorded in that studio. I like to add vocal tracks to my songs as I love to use the voice as percussive and melodious instrument.

Flow 4 (October, 2003) Also recorded in my studio in Oxie. The original track had me playing the mrdnga, an Indian drum, and singing, Johan Sievert playing bass, and Jon Strider on piano and vocal. Due to a monstrous stupidity on my part, I lost Jon's vocal track and piano. The rest of it sounded still good, so in April of 2008, Mamed added the piano that was missing, I added more voices and the song was reborn. In 2003, we had wanted to create a group together and we named it "The Flow." Jon still uses that name in Europe. All the tracks done at that time with the original people are called Flow something or other. I love Johan's bass playing on this track.

The Future Belongs to Me (1992) I had become ill from overwork and stress during the latter part of the 80's. Although I had made music during 1987 and 1988, I stopped for four years. This was the first song I created when resuming my musical work. It was recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark. I particularly like the mood of this song and the words resonate well with me even today. The interesting lead guitar is by Yadu. He helped me in many of my tracks during this time. I always liked working with him.

Indian Congo (September, 2003) This is the second song I recorded in my studio in Oxie. I was experimenting with the subtleties of tonal collage and vocals. There are many effects on this track. Since it is quite wild and definitely eastern in flavor, I thought it was right out the Congo, the Indian Congo!

Manasa Deha Geha (Spring, 1992) This track comes from the Sri Hari series of techno music created with Ian Ion (see my bio in About Me). When I got to the studio I was given the chord pattern as a loop and asked to sing the song. I had never heard the pattern before but told them, "Let's do it like Sinatra does it, just put the recorder on and I do it in one take." So this is what we did and although I never sang this song before, I had a lot of fun creating the melody and styling right on the spot. The track was mixed with this one take improvisational melody and I like it to today. One interesting point was the loop created was not long enough so I had to paste in the last verse due to running out of the loop at the end!

New Year's Jam 2007(December 30, 2007) During one of our New Year's parties, a few of us got together to perform. I play guitar, Philip Sadkin on Bass and Jon Ely on keyboard and vocal. It was a spontaneous composition that created a very peaceful, yet inspiring mood in an otherwise wishy washy party.

No Bricks (December 26, 2005) My cousin, Jim Campagnola (CalJames Entertainment) came to visit for Christmas from hectic and cold Manhattan. We got together to jam this track. He is playing bass and rhythm guitar, me the lead, some vocal and a little keyboard. It starts somewhat slowly but gets moving soon enough.

Nrsingha Flow (October, 2003) Another of the Flow songs recorded live as an improvisation in Oxie with the three original band members listed above. I enjoyed the chant and find the energy of this track to be peacefully enlivening.

Pizzanjo Blue (September, 2008) I recorded this track as a test in Garage Band, using my new VG 99 guitar synthesizer.

Salorius (August, 2008) An irreverent string box something or other. Yet, it sounds nice.

Scorpio (2001) A track from "Living Dreams," a collection of keyboard meditations from St. Petersburg, Russia. I am playing a Korg SG keyboard controller.

Seven's Sixes (2010) An excerpt from a live concert performed in Moscow, Russia as part of the group Siva Hari. I thought it would be nice to have a Siva Hari track in this player as all the music I am doing nowadays is with Siva! Guitar is a modified Yamaha from the early 70's and a Line6 Floor Pod.

Slinky (September, 2003) The third track recorded in Oxie before we moved to the USA. I love this song and had great fun playing it. I especially like the way the chords come in at the end.

Wind Child (2001) Another track from the "Living Dreams" collection. This song was in the mood of wind chimes reflecting the breeze within the ether.